Mobile Notary Services Include:

Mortgage Loan Documents  •  Powers of Attorney  •  Contracts  • Bail Bonds  •  Witness Deposition •  Affidavit of Citizenship • Minor Travel Authorization • Attorney In Fact Acknowledgment • Jurat with Affiant Statement • Third Party Acknowledgment • Medical Marijuana Card Waiver of Liability and Release Form and Acknowledgements

Nevada State Regulated Fees for Services
Call for quote on all Travel fees
    Excessive wait fee is $100 per hour billed in 15 min increments
after the first 20 min of scheduled appointment
For taking an acknowledgment or jurat for the first signature of each signer..............$5.00

.Loan Signing...............Call for quote

For RON signatures $25.00 each for Jurat, Acknowledgement, ect


.Clients are responsible for notary travel fees in the event of on-site cancellation of  services